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Meet Sharon

For me the perfect day is sitting at my computer and writing uninterrupted for hours. The world seems to disappear and my vivid imagination begins to run wild. I have so many stories rolling around in my head, I can’t wait to share them with you.

As an only child I talked to my imaginary friends all the time. I remember relatives shaking their heads and giving my mother sympathetic looks. Today I guess not much has changed. I’m still talking with my imaginary friends and sharing these conversations in stories and books.

I’ve been writing and publishing non-fiction for over twenty years. It wasn’t until recently I gave myself permission to publish fiction. I guess I was too worried about my imaginary stories being judged. For a “recovering perfectionist” the potential of being judged has been a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Today I happily write in the cactus filled desert of the southwest United States. My extremely supportive husband and I love traveling and exploring the beauty of our country. As I travel I write fun and interesting things in my notebook so I can share these memories with you in stories and books.

I am an author of 11 empowering personal and professional non-fiction for women and the author of 3 fun cozy fiction. I happily coach women writers who want to successfully and consistently reach their own blogging and writing goals. I would love to work with you!

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You’ll want to return to this website often. I’ll keep you updated about what’s new and I’ll be sharing a new Flash Fiction story the third Friday of the month.

If you’re on Facebook, here is a link to my Facebook page where I post fun news and how-to’s daily. Sharon Michaels Author on Facebook

Sharon Michaels Author

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