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Writing Challenge – Favorite Vacation – First Trip to San Francisco

On my Sharon Michaels Author Facebook page I post a monthly writing challenge. I took up the challenge and here is a favorite vacation from many, many years ago.

Writing Challenge - July 2017

Growing up my family didn’t take “vacations.” We traveled to visit relatives, but I don’t recall any of those trips labeled a vacation. As I became an adult I wanted to go places outside my city. That’s when I discovered I had a hunger for travel.

A year out of high school I was fortunate to secure a job in the reservation’s office of a major airline. There my traveling adventures began. When you and your mother are offered a free trip to San Francisco, how can you say no?

To say I was a white knuckle flyer on my flight to San Francisco is an understatement. I think I held my breath the entire flight. As an employee, mom and I were able to fly first class. In the late 1960’s first class was definitely FIRST CLASS. Mom had a wonderful time eating, listening to music, talking with the flight attendants, sleeping – you get the point. Me, I was hanging onto my seat for dear life. I was thankful when we landed and my feet touched solid ground.

golden gate bridge

I remember we took a taxi cab tour of the city, ate in fancy restaurants, shopped in department stores we’d only read about in magazines and absorbed the atmosphere of San Francisco. I’ll never forget seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I was awe struck. Even after so many years, the memories of discovering San Francisco are etched in my mind and heart forever.

By the way, the flight home was better. I was quickly getting used to being a “world traveler.”

That first flight and introduction to exploring new cities opened the floodgates of my desire to travel the United States and learn more about our country. I’m fortunate to say I’ve been to forty-four of our fine states by either plane, train or car. Many of these adventures I was able to share with my mother. I will always cherish those memories – they’ve all become favorite vacations.

Here’s to all your favorite vacations and special memories.

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